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      At nearly a mile high, Reno and Sparks are nestled at the base of the eastern slope of the mighty Sierra Nevada Mountains.   Lovely sunny weather with low humidity enhances the snow covered mountain peaks, which act as sentinels over the cities and its beautiful, meandering Truckee River and emerald green golf courses in the meadows below.  Summer days can be very hot, but they are tempered by the coolness of the high desert evenings.  

             Lake Tahoe, which sparkles like a clear blue gem, is a one hour drive through inviting picturesque scenery. 


Carson Valley with its mighty ranches and mountain sentinentals shows a different side of the high desert.

Virginia City, built on the side of a mountain and less than one hour from Reno, takes you back to the old West...to "the way it was"... with narrow streets, wooden sidewalks, shops and saloons that have bars and chandeliers dating back to the 1800's.

                      Old mining shafts dot the hillsides surrounding Virginia City, reminding us of days long gone.


Reno-Tahoe has hosted (Incoming Exchange) and been hosted (Outgoing Exchange) by the following FF Clubs since receiving our charter in 1990.


Wanganui, New Zealand
Leuwarden, Netherlands
Hanover, Germany
Kiel, Germany
Tokyo, Japan
Hamiton New Zealand
Ottawa, Canada
Maas-Kempen, Belgium
Hamburg, Germany
Hampshire, England
Wolfsburg, Germany
Karraya Bay, Turkey
Perth, Australia
Hertshire, England
Guettierez, Mexico
Niagara, Canada
Costa Rica
Baku, Azerbaijian
Durham, England
Lethbridge, Canada
New Zealand
Hamilton, Canada
Themed Global Exchange -  "Discover How Gold & Silver Built
                   the West"  - June, 2014
Costa Rica - July, 2015
Austin, Texas - July, 2016


Wanganui, New Zealand
Leuwarden, Netherlands
Hanover, Germany
Manchester, England
Durham, England
Edinburg, Scotland
Lethbridge, Canada
Brisband, Australia
Christchurch, New Zealand
Napier, New Zealand
Trujillo, Peru
Machu Piechu, Peru
Hamilton, Canada
Winnipeg, Canada
Isle of Wight
Aukland, New Zealand - North Island
Perth, Australia
Richmond, Virginia - domestic
Washington, D.C. - domestic
Kuai, Hawaii - domestic
Tallin, Estonia

Baton Rouge - domestic - October 7-14, 2014
Hamilton-Burlington, Canada - October, 2015
Cornwall and Leicestershire, UK - September 27-October 15, 2016