About Us

We have found from experience that the best guides to the understanding of another culture come from the people who live it and who are prepared to invite others to live it with them for a while, sharing insights, experiences, fun and friendships--many long lasting.  


Local Guides. Unique Experiences.

The central activity for the Reno-Tahoe Chapter is the planned journeys and the homestays.  On all journeys inbound from somewhere else, Ambassadors, as they are called, live with their Hosts and the host club provides a program for a typical six or seven day visit.  


Home hospitality is coupled with the cultural exploration of the Reno-Tahoe surrounding area.  Members may participate by becoming Hosts, Day Hosts, hosting dinners and/or preparing the overall journey program while making new friends in the process.

Apart from journeys, friendships can also develop from participation in the individual club's social activities.  In the Reno-Tahoe club these include club-wide social events including local theater trips, summer BBQ's, celebration of World Friendship Day activities, an occasional Mystery Trip or other excursion and a yearly Christmas Party.  

Begin your extraordinary journey today!

Whether you want to explore the world with like-minded friends or experience new cultures without packing a suitcase by hosting inbound travelers in your home--Friendship Force has programs tailored to you.  Individual memberships are only $30.


2020 Reno-Tahoe Chapter Officers

The Reno-Tahoe Chapter is an all-volunteer organization.  We love meeting new people and sharing about our Friendship Force experiences.  You may contact us through the Contact Us portal.

  • Ann Delahay,  President  
  • Sharon Urban Swanson, Acting Vice-President
  • Joyce Hinton, Secretary
  • Roni Nicora, Treasurer
  • Carol Barr, Journey Coordinator
  • Dave Maderis, Hospitality Coordinator