Explore Northern Nevada

Strap on your hat and pull on your boots for a visit to Northern Nevada, where jeans are the fashion norm and nobody stands on ceremony. In this region, Old West hospitality is the 

golden rule; and, something that will assuredly 

elevate your travels from good to grand.

Greater Reno


At nearly a mile high, Reno and Sparks are nestled at the base of the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  The snow covered mountain peaks act as sentinels over the meandering Truckee River in the valley below.  Emerald green golf courses dot the meadows.  Sunny weather and low humidity are the hallmark of high desert living.  Summer days can be very hot, but they are tempered by the coolness of the evenings.   

Lake Tahoe


 Lake Tahoe, which sparkles like a clear blue gem, is a one hour drive from either Reno/Sparks, Carson City, or Minden through inviting picturesque scenery. 

Lake Tahoe is a major attraction in both Nevada and California. It is home to winter sports, summer outdoor recreation, and scenery enjoyed throughout the year.  Snow and world-class ski resorts are a significant part of the area's economy and reputation.

Carson City


Sitting in the center of one of the most scenic and historic areas in the country, Carson City is the perfect starting point for sightseeing. The habitat of the Eastern Sierra must have been a welcome refuge for explorers Kit Carson and John C. Fremont as they rode into Eagle Valley during their 1840s quest to map the West. Today, the state's Capitol City is the seat of government, home to a cluster of light manufacturing companies, and museums such as the Stewart Indian School.

Virginia City


Virginia City, built on the side of a mountain and less than one hour away, takes you back to the old West, the Comstock Lode...to "the way it was"... with narrow streets, wooden sidewalks, shops and saloons that have bars and chandeliers dating back to the 1800's.

Step Back in Time


Nevada, known as the "Silver State" has old mining shafts that dot the hillsides surrounding Virginia City, reminding us of days long gone.

Interestingly, the gold mining is one of Nevada's major industries.  The state produces more than 70% of the gold in the United States. 

Made in Nevada


It's no secret that Nevada is home to the Tesla Gigafactory, but the state produces a myriad of products from Olympic diving boards to the coating that gives the Golden Gate its iconic glow.  The state is also the 2nd largest grower of garlic in the world.